Life Line

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About Us

In 2020, we, Maryam and Leila, living in our dreams of pure days of youth came up with an idea of building a world for our business. The greatness of our dreams led us to create a different beauty for the appearance of humans based on the beauty of nature. Following our dreams created a kind sense between people and us and helped us to build a path of nature in our beloved ones life to let the pleasant smell of nature touch their soul. So our brand, Life Line, was born. Life Line’s popularity in the hearts of the customers and building a long-term business relationship are our goals for globalization. Why Life Line? Life Line aims to produce and supply the majority of leather products and expand its product portfolio. Neat sewing, variety of pleasant colors, … have a special place in the mind of Life Line team, and you can have all the products with a unique packaging regarding to your desire. They are all made of natural leather to give you a pleasant sense of Mother Nature. In Life Line team, we believe that our mission is to provide the best leather products to the world, and we all dedicate ourselves to provide high-quality leather products to you, our dear customers. Life Line team is ready to respond you 24/7, then feel free to contact us whenever needed.