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Leather care

General maintenance

Be sure to clean the dirt and dust off the leather products after using them, because the pores of the leather surface are open, the dirt will damage it. If there is a deep stain on the leather products, do not try to remove it anyway, because only surface stains can be removed and deep stains damage the texture of the leather and cannot be repaired. In winter, allow the leather product to dry at normal room temperature. Using heater for drying makes the leather rough and brittle, and also causes the glue and shoe soles to loosen or rot. When it rains, in order to prevent the leather from any stretches appearing in the form of blisters or discoloration because of contacting with water and moisture remove the mud and salt from the surface of the leather with a damp cloth as soon as possible. In such cases, you should clean the leather gently using a dry cotton cloth and after rubbing the leather, use wax to remove possible stains. Abrasion or hitting by rough surfaces or sharp and edged objects has irreparable effects on the product. In such cases, only surface scratches can be repaired with wax and paint. Spilling any liquid (including acidic substances, types of drinks, paints, etc.) that damages the texture of the leather is irreparable, too and it gets better with cleaner, wax, and polish but it does not disappear completely. Sometimes, after continuous use of leather products, it would be better to give a break so that they can breathe.


Lifeline shoes are very diverse and different so that the needs of all consumers are covered in a standard way, so choose a shoe that has a suitable and similar shape to your feet. Using and choosing the proper shoes regarding the application is another very important point. The production of winter and summer shoes is different. For more breathability and beauty, the upper leather and lining of summer shoes have less color coverage than winter shoes, and the shoes are more delicate. Winter shoes have more coverage and in order to be used in snowy and rainy weather, it needs constant maintenance, cleaning and waxing. As the boots are not used throughout the year, with the start of the summer, in addition to being cleaned and waxed, the inside should be filled with a boot mold or any other suitable device to prevent it from deformation.


Due to the plasticity of leather, if you do not use the bag for a long time, fill it with newspaper and lay it on its side. Take into consideration that any damage caused by spilling acidic substances, ink, paint and sharp objects would be irreparable. In these cases, as the texture of the leather is damaged, using cleaner, wax and polish, the damage would be reduced a little. Bags that are in direct contact with hand sweat, such as wallets or the prominent part of the bag that are exposed to physical contact, will be prone to fading and discoloration, and this is inevitable.


Regarding the jackets, in addition to the previous maintenance, it should be noted that the jackets are not washable, and if the lining part gets dirty, only clean it with the help of a certified dry cleaner. Jackets should always hang; and they should not be folded for a long time.