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There is a region in Iran that is the largest leather industrial town with more than 500 factories, and our factory is located there. All kinds of animal leather (such as cows, sheep, buffaloes, goats, etc.) are being produced. They are available in more than 20 colors and designs. As a brand group in the country, we have a wide range of products and have spent art in the leather industry. 70% of our production is done by hand, and 30% is done by machines and all products are automated. . Materials Our threads are a combination of natural cotton and polyester fibers, and these threads are smooth and strong, which makes sewing faster and has high durability and resistance. It also does not rot and stretch. Glues: The glues used in our products are highly flexible, water proof, clean-drying with a good concentration, which makes the products much more durable. Zippers: All zippers are made of brass (not metal or semi-metal). The fittings are made of dry lead and are available in three colors: nickel, gold, and yellow, with first-class plating.

* Dry lead is more resistant and better than steel.
The fittings of all products come with a one-year warranty.